Fish Peddler

Tony the Fish Peddler - A Son of the Beach

I sella de fish, I  sella de crab;
I'm notta so good, an, notta so bad;
I  leev in da shack, var sea gull he screech,
I'm fish-pedla Tony, a Sonna da Beach.

I  guess maybe you teenk I'm pretty beeg fool,
'Cause I naivair go to American school;
An' I  don't know so guud da American speech,
I'm joost "Tony" da Fish-pedla, a Sonna da Beach.

Day say to me, "Tony, vot for you stay here?
You maka more mon' if you sella da beer";
I  say, "I don' care if I  naivair be reech,
I  rather be joost a poor Sonna da Beach."

Laz' week I  hear two fella talk on da san'
'Bout feller called "Willie", a beeg Prezdent man;
I  don' hear so good vot day say in da speech,
But it soun' like he too is a Sonna da Beach.

Now, I  don' teenk day mean he be fella like me;
'Cause he don' leef here, on da beach by da sea;
So I  don' understan', maybe him and me each
Be two differen' kind of a Sonna da Beach.

Vell, I'm joost "Tony da Fish-pedla", an' dam glad I  am,
I'm glad I  ain't vot you call a Prezdent man;
'Cause some day ven I  die and Heaven I  reach
Day will say, "Hi, Tony, come in, you Sonna da Beach."

by CLAYTON RAND -- the reference to "Willie" was President Woodrow Wilson, who spent his 1913 Christmas vacation at the Pass.  The name of the house where he stayed was later called the Dixie White House and was further justified by other visiting presidents who also stayed there.

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